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Qualified Leads at Lightning Speed

Brand New LeadFAX

Are you tired of wasting time and money fretting over case pre-qualification? LeadFAX efficiently retrieves and validates claimant medical histories required to meet specific tort qualification criteria. Get a concise, easy-to-read summary report in record time, covering all the underlying factors of claimant data.

What Kind of Data Does LeadFAX Retrieve?

  • Potential to retrieve missing SSN during PII search.
  • Retrieve most recent addresses of residency.
  • Confirm through a PII search that the injured party is a verified person.
  • Digital indicators of medical providers and address of services.
  • Prescribing provider and distributor of pharmaceuticals. (NDC).
  • Types of injuries and diseases charted by the provider (ICD 9/10/11).
  • Testing and procedures performed.
  • Negative habits that can impact a case, such as illicit drug use, prescription drug abuse, obesity, tobacco use, and alcohol abuse.
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