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Enhanced Client Outreach

Let The Experts Unburden Your Staff

Outreach Services & Customizable Questionnaires

Our expert team can help alleviate the burden on your staff with our client outreach services. Our customizable questionnaires are designed to capture all the information needed to request records for individual torts and are sent to the client along with the required applicable authorizations.

Dedicated specialists maintain phone and/or email contact to support clients in completing their packets and then create the requests for records, guided by your firm’s criteria. As always, our efforts are documented and visible to you and your team 24/7 via our online portal.

NRF Review

Regardless of the acronym, statements of no records can be one of the most frustrating aspects of record retrieval. Our add-on NRF Review service can help. Whether the dates of service or facility information provided on intake were incorrect or the statement itself was in error, we will reach out to your client to obtain any available information to resolve the NRF and reorder records if possible.

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