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Simple, Easy, and Cost-Effective Record Retrieval

Find out why some of the largest mass tort law firms choose Retrēv.

Save Time

Improve Accuracy

Record Retrieval Fast

Real-Time Database

Industry Relationships

Retrēv offers nationwide record retrieval and review by vetted, experienced professionals. Our database of over 90,000 facilities across the country streamlines the retrieval process.

We have trusted relationships with insurance companies, schools, law enforcement, medical professionals, pharmacies, and more. Our rapport with large providers allows us to operate quickly and efficiently.

Real-Time Database

Our secure online portal provides you with 24/7 access to all your records to view, download, and print. All records are secured through 256-bit encryption, so you can safely transfer records to anyone at any time. With real-time tracking, you can generate reports, review request notes or look at the status of requests at any time.

Retrēv is HIPAA compliant and meets the highest privacy and security standards.

Access client records via our real-time online database, or we can integrate with your CRM. When we receive the data, we make it available to you.

Our review staff has combined decades of experience, offering reviews and summaries, bates stamping, and chronological sorting.

Access client records via our real-time online database. When we receive the data, we make it available to you.

Our Services

Record retrieval services can save law firms an incredible amount of time and money by allowing them to reallocate tasks, improve the accuracy of received records, and more quickly receive the records needed for the success of their clients’ cases. Law firms don’t need to get bogged down with records retrieval’s tedious and challenging nature. Instead, our professionals can take care of the following essential services.

Populate & Finalize Request for Attorney
Using client intake and calls to plaintiff if needed.

Form Retrieval
HIPAA, Death Certificate, Power of Attorney, Individuals’ Right to Access

Client Interview: Questionnaire
To uncover additional info on behalf of attorney

Extended Contact
Continued client follow-up for an added 30 days

NRF Reviews
Follow-up with client for alternate facility and date of service

  • Record Retrieval
  • Review and Summaries
  • Bates Stamping
  • Chronological Sorting
  • International Requests
  • Hard Copy of Records on USB Upon Request